Get Your Meal On!

Valid from October 13, 2021 to October 23, 2021   |  SUBWAY

Try our variety of Sandwiches or Wraps a variety of choices from Baja Steak & Jack, Steak & Chicken. Cali Fresh Turkey or Steak, All American Club, Black Forest Ham, Buffalo Chicken, Chicken & Bacon Ranch, Cold Cut Combo, Italian BMT, Meatball Marinara, Oven Roasted Turkey, Rotisserie, Style Chicken, Spicy Italian, Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Tuna & Veggie Delite.

No Bread Bowls? Our Protein Bowls are for you

Fresh Melts & Salads options are always a hit

Sides & Drinks to a variety of bread toppings, extras & more